Photo by  Bekah Weirdt

Photo by Bekah Weirdt

Jules Villarreal

I’m a consultant, model, and photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. I utilize modeling as a form of self-expression in which I hopes to inspire others to embrace their passions and individuality without fear. My mission as a photographer is to highlight the natural beauty of our planet and encourage others to appreciate and preserve it. In 2017, I co-founded Mâché Digital, a digital publication and production team, where I currently run Media Strategy. I was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley and obtained a BBA in finance at UT Austin's Red McCombs School of Business before joining Accenture where I’m currently a Strategy Senior Analyst.

If you are interested in representing me, buying prints, collaborating, or having promotional work done, please inquire below. Thank you for exploring my site!


Select Clients

Topman Laudi Vidni
Birdseye Rule Pegai Chicago
Gladys Tamez Millinery Artemistra
18th & Wood Sal Misseri

Select Publications

Ryker Magazine II (Ryan Barhaug x KJ Johnson - Sea Glitch // Webitorial)
Desire Homme Magazine (Ryan Barhaug x Anthony D. Johnson // Webitorial)
Schön! Magazine (Mâché Digital - RENEGADES // Fashion Film)
Ryker Magazine (Ryan Barhaug x KJ Johnson - Jules Villarreal // Webitorial)
Mâché Digital (Adan Langbuam x Ryan Berg - Mojave // Short Film)
Mâché Digital (Ryan Berg - What Year Is It Anyway? // Webitorial)