Thank You

Rick Villarreal - For supporting me in all of my crazy endeavors. I love you, pop.
Norma Villarreal - For being my biggest fan, support system, and shopping partner. I love you, mom.
Lalo Jasso - For being the Vegeta in my life.
Adrian Pulido - For being the most reliable and supportive friend a man can ask for.
Dylan Salinas - For the consistent support throughout so many stages of life.
Joseph Segovia - For being genuine throughout all these years and taking the time to call.
Ryan Berg - For including me in Mâché and working with me consistently.
Adan Langbuam - For being a great partner and keeping the dream alive.
Bryant Aguirre - For inspiring me to pursue modeling professionally.
Jimmy Kurz - For believing in me and showing me my dreams can become reality.
Conrad Devin - For being a brother to me when I needed it most.
Sebastian Garza - For working with me to create my logo and all the flea market runs.
Bekah Wriedt - For collaborating with me and helping me develop as a model.
Mykaelah Ortega - For the critiques and helping me develop as a photographer.

Without the support of wonderful people like you, there is no way I would be where I am at today.
Each of you has influenced my life significantly and I will always be here to support you in your endeavors.
Much love.